There is no one’best’ team you can Select – since, as mentioned previously, you do not understand what it is you are up against – and not everyone has access to every sort of Pokemon go account.

Instead, this is a general list of Advocated Great League Pokémon to create a team from, with a wide assortment of sources that should match all gamers, whether you’ve been collecting monsters since day one or more just started playingwith.

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Remember You’re only allowed among every From the Go Battle League, also ideally you’d want to build a group with different kind strengths and defense. As an example, if you build a group with Altaria, Skarmory and Azumarill, then you are going to be especially open to Electric types.

Our Pokémon Go Great Team recommendations In no particular order:


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Dragon / Flying

Recommended Moves:

Dragon Breath (Quick ), Sky Attack (Charged)

Altaria Weaknesses:

Ice (x2), Dragon, Rock, Fairy, Electric

If there is just one Pokémon you probably should Have on your Great League team, it’s Altaria. Dragon types are among the most effective in Pokémon, and this two-evolution monster means it performs exceptionally well at reduced CPs, and may steamroll lots of Pokémon (unless, clearly, they have good counters – this list also covers).

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It is worth mentioning though Swablu is rather Common, turning it into Altaria takes 400 Chocolate to evolve – therefore it does not come without some work.



Water / Fairy

Recommended Moves:

Bubble (Fast), Ice Beam (Charged)

Azumarill Weaknesses:

Electric, Grass, Poison

If everybody has an Altaria in their team, Then you would need a strong counter, also Azumarill’s Ice Beam fits that particular bill.

It’s not cheap – because it has a low max CP, you will need to put a whole lot of Stardust to it but it’s also effective against other meta hot types, including DeoxysDefence, AlolanMarawak, and flying kinds in general.

But be aware it has got several frequent Weaknesses, like grass, that is an infrequent but common enough type you could regularly come up against.


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Grass / Poison

Recommended Moves:

Vine Whip (Quick ), Frenzy Plant (Community Day only) or Solar Beam or even Sludge Bomb (Charged)

Venusaur Weaknesses:

Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic

Many newcomer evolutions are recommended to get That the Great League – they’re common, are the subject of Community Days (with frequently enhanced motions ) and usually rank on the top end for their type.Because of This, Venusaur includes advocated, Particularly as it can help counter the likes of Azumarill and Whiscash.

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It’s a few meta weaknesses of its own – Such as flying and psychic to be careful of, but it is otherwise powerful enough to seriously think about. Additionally, if you do not have the Community Day-only Frenzy Plant, Solar Beam and Sludge Bomb are great alternatives for Charged moves.




Recommended Moves:

Lock On (Quick ), Flash Cannon (Charged)

Registeel Weaknesses:

Fighting, Ground, Fire

Legendaries are harder to catch than many – And unlocking a second fee go for these is very expensive – but involving the many opportunities players have been required to get a Registeel, and Steel coming highly recommended from the Great League thanks to couple of meta weaknesses and remaining in fights for longer, it is well worth investing in.

Though it’s a Fantastic counter against Altaria In particular, it is otherwise a fantastic way to balance your team out defensively.



Steel / Flying

Recommended Moves:

Air Slash (Fast), Sky Attack (Charged)

Skramory Weaknesses:

Electric, Fire

Another Steel type (again, beneficial as it Has few flaws against popular kinds in the Great League meta, and will hold its own against the mighty Altaria) but what makes Skarmory special is its own excellent Flying moves.

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Skarmory is rather common, so if you are Been playing frequently you need to have picked up a few by now – which is an Attractive cost-effective choice.