Having a flat belly is a common desire often voiced by so many of us in an attempt to look our best. How long and how hard have you been trying to lose belly fat?

Belly fat is more dangerous to your health than fat in other parts of your body. People with tons of belly fat are at higher risk of health problems than are people that accumulate fat in other areas. it’s an enormous explanation for inflammation, putting you at a better risk of other health problems like disorder , diabetes, and hardening of the arteries, making it all the more important to lose belly fat.

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So why can some people seem to eat like a horse without gaining any weight while others of us apparently gain weight by merely looking at food? We’ve always been told that weight gain or obesity is caused by “consuming more calories than are burned” and the way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories. This would seem to suggest that we are all the same and that “One size fits all” when it comes to dieting.

Looking around though, you’ll notice something interesting about people’s bodies – most of them fall into 4 shapes. Accumulating fat is conducted to certain parts of your body based on what’s proceeding to hormones.

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Body shape is affected by hormones. After taking the quiz below and finding your body type we will show you a tailor-made diet and exercise plan to ignite the fat-burning hormones you need to lose weight healthily, which is the outclass way to lose belly fat.

For example, Belly fat is most indicative of the Adrenal somatotype . When the Adrenal Type can’t handle stress, it creates a rise of the hormone cortisol. the character of Cortisol is to assist you survive and handle stress. Excess cortisol causes belly fat because “Fat” to the body, is “potential energy.” Belly fat accumulates as energy “reserves”. Your body works during this cycle: the more stress, the more cortisol and consequently, the more energy reserves. This leads to more fat storage. this is often the foremost challenging somatotype due to this imbalance.

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Before you waste anymore time, effort and money on trying to lose that stubborn belly fat, let’s make sure you are solving the correct problem. Interestingly, your problem is NOT your weight – it is a symptom of something else. That something else is your health. To rid the weight, you have to create enough health so there is no reason for the fat to stay stored.

People think that the stubborn belly fat is the problem, when in reality, restoring your health and targeting your diet to your specific body type is what needs to be addressed.