The 10 Fat Burning Triggers and Blockers

10 Fat Burning Triggers and Blockers

It’s not just a matter of triggering your fat burning hormones but, more importantly, avoiding those things that prevent fat burning and proper mineral balance.

There are two basic types of problems with weight that need to be addressed: The first problem is fat, which is a problem of a failing endocrine system (glands and hormones). The second one, fluid retention, is a problem of sodium and potassium imbalance, which could also be failing endocrine glands - adrenals.

Fixing these problems requires avoiding what has created them in the first place. Then actions need to be taken to restore glandular health. It’s not just a matter of triggering your fat burning hormones but, more importantly, avoiding those things that prevent fat burning and proper mineral balance. If you trigger fat burning hormones without keeping the fat making hormones to a minimum, you won’t lose any weight, since all fat burners are nullified in the presence of fat-making hormones.

It is important to take as many actions as possible to support hormone health while avoiding things that destroy hormone function. Below are the ten very important factors in achieving this goal:

#1: The Absence of Sugar

sugar - fat burning blocker Of all the things that have an impact on your metabolism, the most important one is sugar. Sugar triggers the powerful fat-making, fat-storing hormone insulin. In fact, in the presence of insulin not only will fat be blocked from being used as fuel BUT sugar will be converted to fat ...more

#2: Vegetables

cruciferous vegetables - fat burning trigger If the cause of your weight problem is a sick or failing endocrine system, then we need some nutrient-dense live food to heal it. The vegetable family has several qualities that aid in healing. Eaten raw, vegetables are one of the most concentrated sources of vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals. They are high in fiber, which buffers the fat maker insulin. They are also low in sugar, even though they are called a carbohydrate ...more

#3: Protein

protein - fat burning trigger Protein is a powerful trigger for fat burning hormones if it’s not in excess. Protein stimulates two hormones – glucagon and growth hormone. If you eat too much protein, insulin (fat-making hormone) can be triggered. Excess protein can create nearly the same insulin response as refined carbohydrates ...more

#4: Fats

fats - fat burning triggers and blockers Fats typically do not influence fat-making hormones; however, they do have the ability to stress the liver, which indirectly affects hormone flows through the liver. The whole myth that fat is the big culprit making everyone fat doesn’t pan out when you’re talking about hormones. Fat has little effect on fat-storing hormones. Many people put too much importance on restricting fats in the diet ...more

#5: Skipping Meals, Reducing Calories or Letting Yourself Get Hungry

getting hungry - fat burning blocker When you skip meals or do a fasting program, your blood sugars decrease, stimulating several hormones. The stress hormone cortisol (from the adrenals) increases, which turns your body tissues (muscles from the legs, buttocks and arms) into sugar fuel. This is a survival mechanism to provide quick energy or to help you stay alive during starvation. However, if this sugar is not completely burned up, it will be changed into fat and specifically deposited around your vital organs in the abdomen ...more

#6: Gland Destroyers

gland destroyers - fat burning triggers and blockers Alcohol (beer, wine or mixed drinks), Caffeinated Products (coffee, soda, tea and chocolate), Drugs, Growth Hormones, Endocrine Disruptors – (Pesticides, insecticides, heavy metals, etc.), Food and Cosmetic Chemicals (Food preservatives, food dyes, synthetic sugars (dextrose), hydrogenated oils) all have a bad effect on our glands ...more

#7: Water Retainers

water retainers - fat burning triggers and blockers A huge hidden source of being overweight is water weight. Monosodium glutamate is the big culprit in causing water retention and it can be hidden under a variety of names including modified food starch, calcium caseinate, hydrolyzed protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, glutamic acid, yeast extract, whey isolates, etc. Artificial sweeteners, sodium, refined sugars and carbohydrates, and alcohol. ...more

#8: Exercise

exercise - fat burning triggers and blockers A very interesting yet rarely understood fact of exercise is that the calories burned during exercise are very few. However, the delayed fat burning effects from this exercise are quite significant. You experience most of the fat burning 14 to 48 hours after the exercise – BUT only if certain things are in place. Burning this fat depends on what you eat during this time, how much stress you experience, whether you have pain or not, how much you sleep, and if you are avoiding sugar completely ...more

#9: Stress

stress - fat burning triggers and blockers Stress can severely affect your weight. Stress increases the hormone cortisol, which can lead to fat being deposited in and around the abdomen. This is because the adrenal hormone releases a good supply of stored sugar into the bloodstream, causing insulin to change it into fat ...more

#10: Sleep

sleep - fat burning triggers and blockers The fat burning growth hormone is active throughout the night while you sleep; however, it increases during the first two hours of deep sleep, especially between midnight and 4:00 a.m. Omitting this sleep can prevent the fat burning effect. In other words, the reason why you burn more fat during sleep is because the fat burning growth hormone spikes during deep sleep cycles ...more

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