Trigger #6: Gland Destroyers

gland destroyer - cirrosis of the liver

Alcohol (beer, wine, etc.)

Not only does alcohol trigger insulin and cause weight gain but it also destroys the liver. Just a little alcohol at night can set your liver back for several days. What I mean by setting the liver back is preventing the liver from burning fat. The positive fat-burning effects from foods and exercise can likewise be canceled out by alcohol. You can eat really well and then that small amount of alcohol at dinner can keep you out of fat burning.

Caffeinated Products (coffee, soda, tea and chocolate)

Caffeine stimulates and weakens the adrenal glands and liver and also irritates the gallbladder. It increases cortisol, which can put fat into and around the abdominal organs. If the adrenals are in very bad shape, I don’t recommend coming off caffeine too quickly, as lethargy and other withdrawal symptoms can last up to three days, though in most cases it’s one to two days. I would recommend cutting down to one small cup of coffee in the morning and then gradually lessening the amount over a two week period until it’s eliminated altogether.

Sodas, tea and chocolate also contain caffeine and so have the same effect. Herb tea (decaffeinated) is likewise a good alternative. Green tea is another beneficial way to transition because, despite having some caffeine, it has an anti-caffeine effect; but here again, naturally decaffeinated green tea would be the better choice.


Recreational drugs and medications of all kinds have side effects on the glands, especially the liver. Psychiatric drugs deplete hormones and also make it hard to lose weight. Hormone-replacement hormones and birth control pills both contain estrogen, which is a fattening hormone. The liver is the main organ that is supposed to eliminate these chemicals, in two phases. In the first phase the liver tries to neutralize toxins. In the second phase it will try to convert the neutralized toxins into less harmful particles, which can be eliminated through the urine and bowel.

Growth Hormones

The animals whose products we eat (meats, milk, cheese), including farm-raised fish, are fed growth hormones. Some are estrogens and some are a type of growth hormone. It is my personal opinion that these hormones have greatly damaged our endocrine glands.

Endocrine Disruptors

Pesticides, insecticides, heavy metals, etc., all can mimic estrogen within your glands. These chemicals are on the golf course, in the schools, in restaurants, in your garden, and on your vegetables unless you eat organic. Being exposed to DDT as children, or consuming fruits that have been sprayed with DDT and shipped in from third-world countries, has damaging effects on us. Vaccines also have heavy metals and formaldehyde in them.

Food and Cosmetic Chemicals

Food preservatives, food dyes, synthetic sugars (dextrose), hydrogenated oils, and even things like synthetic vanilla flavoring all have a bad effect on our glands. Also, skin creams, makeup, shampoos and perfumes can easily absorb through the skin and end up in your liver. Creams, lotions and cosmetics do absorb through your skin and, through the bloodstream, travel to the liver.

Consuming Food without Enzymes

Enzymes are proteins that do ALL the work of the body. Without enzymes, body reactions would take years to occur. Enzymes not only help you digest but help rid your liver of toxic chemicals, stop inflammation, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, regulate temperature, make hormones, and build body tissues such as hair, nails and skin. Enzymes are the workhorses of the body, and when you consume food without enzymes, you are depleting your enzyme reserve.

You could look at the body as an enzyme bank or reserve. Let’s say you ate some food without the enzymes to break down fat (called lipases); your body would then have to release its own lipase reserve. Over time, you can exhaust this supply, creating strain on the glands and organs. Animals that were fed roasted nuts, for example, developed enlarged pancreases, since the pancreas is the key organ to produce and release enzymes. In other words, consuming cooked, steamed, pasteurized, roasted, processed or refined foods forces your body to deplete its enzyme bank, leaving you with degenerative disease.

The first area to repair in an enzyme-depleted body is the glands. This is why we start you out with lots of raw, enzyme-rich foods.

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