Trigger #10: Sleep

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The fat-burning growth hormone is active throughout the night while you sleep; however, it increases during the first two hours of deep sleep, especially between midnight and 4:00 a.m. Omitting this sleep can prevent the fat-burning effect. In other words, the reason why you burn more fat during sleep is because the fat-burning growth hormone spikes during deep sleep cycles. It’s difficult to catch up on that important sleep if you miss this time period.

When you sleep, you typically go through four 90-minute cycles of light and deep sleep. Light sleep is REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is very active, producing lots of dreaming that you can remember. Delta-wave sleep is the deepest, in which you can dream but usually can’t remember the dreams. Not getting quality sleep or getting inadequate sleep (less than seven hours) can prevent fat burning. You burn fat in the deeper sleep cycles, which could be a huge barrier for many people. You can’t induce a deep rejuvenating sleep artificially through medication and expect to get these fat-burning effects; it has to be real natural sleep.

The delayed fat-burning effects of exercise can be prevented if you are not sleeping or if you eat sugar before, during or after exercise. If cortisol (stress hormone) is too high, not only will deep rejuvenating sleep be prevented26—which will affect the fat-burning growth hormone—but fat will be directed to and stored in the belly.

Eating before Bed

Eating or drinking refined sugars before going to bed (for example, orange juice) can nullify growth hormone’s fat-burning effects as well as keep insulin high enough to prevent any fat release. This includes a glass of wine. An apple, which has fiber, is a better snack before bed.

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