The 7 Principles of Fat Burning

7 Principles of Fat Burning

Foods containing all these factors—amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes—and in an optimum balance would create the most health.  These 7 principles center around consuming foods that naturally contain all five building blocks.

Food n. that which is eaten to sustain life, provide energy, and promote the growth and repair of tissues; nourishment.

The question is how do we classify or know which foods are really substances that are essential to life? What substances can we not live without? What is the body made out of, which if missing will create illness?

If you are struggling with weight there is a good chance you have a stubborn metabolism. With all the many weight loss diets out there now it's important to understand what’s behind a stubborn and resistant metabolism before you jump into a solution that will cause you to effectively burn fat and lose weight.

The vital substances necessary to the body are referred to as “essential” - as in essential amino acids and essential fatty acids. Essential means “cannot be made by the body and MUST come from the diet.” There are many nutrients that if missing from the body will cause disease. These essential raw materials must also include vitamins and minerals. And enzymes must be added to this list because consuming foods that are void of enzymes can create degenerative diseases.

Simply stated, foods containing all these factors—amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes - and in an optimum balance would create the most health. These 7 principles center around consuming foods that naturally contain all five building blocks.

Diet n. a regulated course of food and drink to promote health or for weight control - v.i. to eat according to prescribed rules.

Diet stems from the word meaning “a way of living. By understanding and then applying this broader concept of eating and living to create health, you WILL end up with the byproduct of a slim, healthy body.

The following are the seven key principles on which this program is based.

Principle #1:

There Are Four Different Body Shapes, Each Influenced by Hormones

four body type icons Certain hormones have the purpose of directing where fat is placed on the body, and it is a distortion of this function that causes different body shapes. Different body shapes are the result of specific correlating glandular problems (adrenals, ovaries, thyroid and liver). One can’t just put everybody on the same foods and expect to be successful. Each person needs to eat and exercise for his or her specific gland weakness ...more

Principle #2:

Calories Are Insignificant Compared to Fat-Burning Hormones

calories are insignificant compared to fat burning hormones The real problem in burning fat lies more in metabolism and the hormones that control it. You have probably been told that weight gain or obesity is caused by “consuming more calories than are burned” and the way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories. But how do we explain the skinny guy who eats like a horse yet doesn’t gain an ounce? And what about the overweight person who looks at food across the table and gains five pounds? Hormones look at food calories differently. Without having a good understanding of hormones, it might appear that all calories are the same and if you eat less you will of course weight less ...more

Principle #3:

Calories Are Insignificant Compared to Fat-Burning Hormones

you have to be healthy before you can lose weight Your weight is a symptom, not the cause. Shift all your energy and attention to fixing the cause by creating a healthy body and the symptom of weight will no longer be a problem ...more

Principle #4:

Environmental Hormones and Chemicals Mimic Your Hormones

environmental hormones and chemicals mimic your hormones If you want to know why your weight problem is becoming worse, you don’t have to look far. You are presently being exposed to synthetic environmental hormones on a daily basis. The meat products we eat come from animals that have been given hormones. Yet if you go overseas to countries that don’t use these hormones, people are thinner. Another interesting observation is that chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides have the ability to act like hormones in our bodies. Your food is heavily sprayed with these toxic chemicals.

The Environmental Protection Agency has a name for these chemicals; collectively they’re called endocrine disruptors, meaning any chemicals that mimic, block or otherwise disrupt the normal function of hormones ...more

Principle #5:

You Have to Heal Your Glands and Hormones to KEEP the Weight Off

heal glands and hormones to keep weight off The key to keeping the weight off is achieving full rejuvenation of your glands and hormones. Not completely fixing the true problem (unstable glands) causes the problem to come right back.

When certain glands get sick, the hormones they produce can physically dissolve the muscles in your legs, buttocks and arms, leaving you with shrunken, weak and flaccid muscles. These destructive hormones literally eat up muscle proteins, turning them into fat around your midsection. So instead of using fat reserves for fuel, your body uses muscle proteins, which are turned into sugar as fuel, leaving you fat, flabby, stressed and weak.

Before the body will burn fat, it has to build back this lost muscle tissue ...more

Principle #6:

YFat-Burning and Fat-Storing Hormones Have Their Own Triggers

fat burning hormones have their own triggers Hormones control metabolism, and each one associated with fat burning and fat storing has its own triggers. Hormones are triggered or blocked by foods, exercise and other activities.

There are two things that happen with these triggers. You can eat and exercise to stimulate fat burning or you can eat and exercise for fat storing. Most people are nullifying the fat-burning hormones by using the wrong triggers.

The more of these hormone triggers you implement correctly, the faster and easier weight loss will be. Therefore, instead of wasting time counting calories, use the hormone triggers ...more

Principle #7:

Incorrect Exercise Prevents Fat Burning

incorrect exercise prevents fat burning Another key discovery has been that different body types need different kinds of exercise. Many people have the idea that their fat is excess calories and all they need to do is burn these off through exercising. However, it’s not the calories burned during exercise that are significant. It’s the delayed fat-burning peaks that occur between 14 and 48 hours later – but only if specific conditions are correct in regard to sleep and stress levels. There is a specific way you should be exercising to trigger fat burning, depending on your specific gland weakness ...more

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7 Principles of Fat Burning Book

The 7 Principles of Fat Burning

Having the correct plan for your body type is a much easier and faster and healthier way to keeping the weight off. In The 7 Principles of Fat Burning we not only tell you what to do but we change the way you look at calories, hormones and fat burning so you CAN finally succeed. more