Incorrect Exercise Prevents Fat Burning

incorrect exercise prevents fat burning

Principle #7 (The 7 principles of fat burning)

Another key discovery has been that different body types need different kinds of exercise.

I’m sure you have heard the theory “You’re fat because you just don’t exercise enough.” Well, if you have an Adrenal body type and you do hard-core exercise, you not only will prevent fat burning, your body might even get bigger. Exercise only works if your body has good adrenals. If you have an Adrenal body type, adding more exercise to an already stressed-out body is self-defeating.

Adrenal types need very light, slow exercise.

On the other hand, if you have a Liver body type, the fat-burning hormones need to be stimulated intensely for weight loss to occur. If the exercise is too light or too slow, you get no effects. Exercising for your specific body type can be a big advantage in maximizing weight loss. Many people have the idea that their fat is excess calories and all they need to do is burn these off through exercising. However, it’s not the calories burned during exercise that are significant. It’s the delayed fat burning peaks that occur between 14 and 48 hours later 2—but only if specific conditions are correct in regard to sleep and stress levels.

The Exercise Longer to Lose Weight Myth

This philosophy is currently being pushed heavily in gyms. I have had quite a few patients come to my office who were exercise enthusiasts. One woman not only was exercising two hours per day seven days per week but she also ran a 26-mile marathon—with zero weight loss. Talk about depressing! Since the adrenals are the stress glands, if you have an Adrenal body shape, then the longer and harder you exercise, the less you will lose because you are triggering those darn stress hormones again—causing more belly fat.

So, there is a specific way you should be exercising to trigger fat burning, depending on your specific gland weakness.

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7 Principles of Fat Burning Book

The 7 Principles of Fat Burning

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