Fat-Burning and Fat-Storing Hormones Have Their Own Triggers

fat burning hormones triggers

Principle #6 (The 7 principles of fat burning)

Hormones control metabolism and each one associated with fat burning and fat storing has its own triggers. Hormones are triggered or blocked by foods, exercise and other activities.

There are two things that can happen with these triggers. You can eat and exercise to stimulate fat burning or you can eat and exercise for fat storing. The huge hidden problem I discovered was that most people are nullifying the fat-burning hormones by using the wrong triggers. For instance, correct exercise might work if you can get seven hours of quality sleep per night, whereas poor or inadequate sleep will prevent fat burning. And just a little bit of sweet carbohydrate can set your fat burning back for a day. This is why “everything in moderation” doesn’t work with fat burning. Another example is drinking wine at night, as alcohol is a gland (liver) destroyer and can set back fat burning for hours or days.

The more of these hormone triggers you implement correctly, the faster and easier weight loss will be. Therefore, instead of wasting time counting calories, use the hormone triggers.

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