You Have to Heal Your Glands and Hormones to KEEP the Weight Off

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Principle #5 (The 7 principles of fat burning)

The aim is to change your viewpoint of the primary goal from losing weight to complete healing of your weak gland—achieving stable weight loss. Let’s focus on the real problem!

The key to keeping the weight off is achieving full rejuvenation of your glands and hormones—in other words, doing the program long enough for your body to fully heal. Not completely fixing the true problem (unstable glands) causes the problem to come right back.

When certain glands get sick, the hormones they produce can physically dissolve the muscles in your legs, buttocks and arms, leaving you with shrunken, weak and flaccid muscles. These destructive hormones literally eat up muscle proteins, turning them into fat around your midsection. So, instead of using fat reserves for fuel, your body uses muscle proteins, which are turned into sugar as fuel, leaving you fat, flabby, stressed and weak.

As a person starts the program and these glands heal, the muscles need to be rebuilt. These muscles are a bit heavier than fat; therefore the person’s weight might not initially change, even though their clothes feel looser. Before the body will burn fat, it has to build back this lost muscle tissue.

Fat will come off in direct relation to the health of your hormones. Because fat, to the body, is survival (reserve energy), the body will not release this energy until it is sure it’s in safe mode. While healing is occurring it might take some time before your body is healthy enough to burn fat and lose weight. It could take about a month before the weight starts to come off. However, your energy will be up, you’ll feel stronger, have fewer cravings, and your overall mood will improve.

How Do You Know It’s Working?

The best way to know if your organs and glands are healing and the program is working is not just by weight loss but by other positive health indicators—improved energy, better quality of sleep, better digestion, clothes fitting more loosely, more muscle strength, better nail and hair quality, decreased cravings, and overall feelings of well-being. These indicators give you the valuable feedback that your body is healing. In other words, you need to shift your goal from “losing weight” to “attaining health,” since only through this can you fully reach your ideal weight, as being overweight is a symptom of an unhealthy body.

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