You Have to Be Healthy Before You Can Lose Weight

healthy to lose weight

Principle #3 (The 7 principles of fat burning)

You have no doubt heard that you should lose weight so you can be healthier, because obesity is a health risk causing heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and stroke. Right? People have been pushing the idea that fat directly causes these other problems.

This is not true!

I found it is just the opposite. You need to be healthy first before you can actually lose weight. You are fat because some area of your body is unhealthy. In other words, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, stroke AND obesity are all the result (symptoms) of the same thing—an unhealthy body. Somehow, someone has assigned obesity as a primary cause or a disease, when in reality it is an effect or result of something else.

If you have stubborn weight problems, you have unhealthy hormones. You can’t be fat and healthy at the same time. The body can’t and won’t release fat until it is at a certain level of health. It shouldn’t surprise you to learn why your body is holding on so dearly to fat if you understand the purpose of fat. It is a survival mechanism, and the body will not let go of fat until the source of stress or the threat to survival is gone—in other words, until the body is healthy.

Jumping in and fixing your weight problem with dieting (cutting calories) and typical exercise, without first finding out what problem you have, would not be the best approach either. Losing weight would be a lot more difficult because you’d be focusing on the wrong goal—weight loss. The correct goal is to create healthier glands and hormones. The weight loss will then occur as a benefit of having a healthier body.

Your weight is a symptom, not the cause. Shift all your energy and attention to fixing the cause by creating a healthy body and the symptom of weight will no longer be a problem.

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