Hormones and Your Body Shape

The hormonal system as a whole is called the endocrine system. If you look up the word endocrine, you will find it comes from endo-, a combining form that means “within” or “inner,” and the Greek word krinein, which means “to separate.” Webster’s New World Dictionary then says, “see CRISIS.” When you go to the word crisis, you find it comes form the same derivation, “to separate, discern.” This is interesting because the endocrine system IS the system that discerns or determines threats to normal survival, keeping the body out of crisis via hormones.

If its survival is threatened in any way, the body will start to hold energy – which is the accumulation of fat. This is the body’s attempt to keep you alive and surviving; and as long as the threat to survival remains, fat will be held on to tightly and will overdevelop to compensate for the lack of survival.

Many people think that the shape of the body is purely genetic and there is nothing that can be done about it. It is true that there are genetic tendencies. It is also true that hormonal imbalances will cause excessive distortion of accumulated fat in different locations around the body. An imbalance on the inside can show up on the outside.

Hormones do diminish as you age, but that is not the sole reason for your weight problem. Take a look around – younger people are getting fat too. Some of the fat-burning hormones are also the antiaging hormones. So the goal of this program is twofold: to help you lose weight and to make you younger.

The hormone system is very sensitive to environmental chemicals, especially growth hormones in the foods we eat. Our foods are injected with hormones; they are also sprayed with pesticides, which have the ability to mimic hormones. You have been swimming in a sea of toxic chemicals. Welcome to planet Earth!

When these chemicals enter the body, they plug up or interfere with hormone receptors. Glands make and send hormones. Cells then receive these in a similar way to a catcher in a baseball game. If you are born with 20,000 hormone receptors per cell and are constantly exposed to environmental growth hormone mimickers – chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides – eventually these block the receptors, leaving very few for hormone reception. It’s like driving into New York City and trying to find a parking place. As you age, the chemical exposure accumulates until your system gets overwhelmed and can’t burn fat anymore. But it’s not just older people; young people get fat too due to this environmental toxicity factor.

What Is a Hormone?

A hormone can be defined simply as a chemical message produced by a gland in the body and sent through the bloodstream to another area where it causes some effect.

For example, exercising can create fat-burning effects that last for 48 hours after the workout. There are over 600 different hormones in the body, each with a unique function. Fat burning, fat storing, appetite, sleep, hair and fingernail growth, fluid levels and joint repair are just a few examples of direct effects that hormones have on the body.

Hormones are the language of the body. Instead of words, hormones tell the body what to do, causing millions of effects each day. Glands create these message; they both send and receive communications. Daily functions of the body are controlled mainly by hormones; for instance, they tell the heart how fast to pump and the bones how quickly to grow.

Each gland has its own purpose in regulating certain areas of the body. The adrenal, for instance, help the body handle stress in all its different aspects. Imagine for a moment a person starting to slip on some water while stepping down a flight of stairs. The adrenal glands would send off adrenaline (stress response hormone), which would put the body in high gear and prepare it for intense stressful action.

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