No More Wondering About My Body Type

by Dr. Eric Berg DC

May be you have heard someone say my body type lets me do this and that. Or you have heard them complain about their body types and wondered what this has to do with their wellbeing. Basically, there are three body shape types depicted by different individuals. However, it is not easy to find any of these body shape types on alone/individually. In most cases, different body shape types will appear in combination. Nevertheless, one body type will usually dominate over the others. Therefore, although determining your body type can be challenging you can identity a body shape type if you know its features. 

Basically, there are three body shape types. These are the mesomorph, ectomorph and endomorph. Individuals with mesomorph body shape are more muscular. They have a muscle mass that is well developed. The muscle feature in these individuals is clearly seen in the entire body. Thus, it is possible to find individuals with of this body type with muscled digits. If you are still asking what my body type is, then continue reading on. Mesomorphs will have features similar to endomorphs. Such features include the common ones in endomorphs such as having large bones. They may also have a face that is defined precisely. Another common feature is a square and heavy jaw. 
Ectomorph is the other body shape type. You can determine if you have this body shape by evaluating at your skin. Individuals with this type of body shape have a very sensible skin. They usually experience sunburns every now and then. Many people call people with this body shape slim persons. Perhaps, this is because they have elongated limbs and muscles. In addition, they have light bones that are easily noticeable making many people describe their body shape as being linear. If you are still wondering what my body type is? you need to analyze your body well with consideration to these features.