Women Body Types and Hormones

by Dr. Eric Berg DC


A woman’s body type is typically shaped with heaviness in the lower part. This is usually called saddlebags because cellulite accumulates under the skin in the thighs and lower belly. Women body types shift to more belly fat as they ages, especially after menopause. She can even lose her leg and buttocks muscles – you’ve seen this before as a huge midsection with skinny legs.


The closer the woman gets to menopause, peaking at age 52, the less the ovaries work and the more the backup organ, called the adrenal, is forced to work. In other words, the adrenal gland takes over when a female passes menopause. A person’s adrenals make the same hormones as the ovary and if the adrenal glands are tired or stressed, it is forced to work twice as hard and this creates a spike in the adrenal hormone called cortisol.

A woman with good adrenals will not gain weight after menopause. But sustained stress in a woman’s live can cause her adrenals to become overwhelmed and pump out the hormones that cause belly fat. Before menopause she has a beautiful waist and after menopause, she has a huge waist with stick legs.

The adrenal gland will even rob and steal muscle protein from a woman’s legs and convert it into fat in the belly. It’s kind of weird to have this occur unless you understand what the body is trying to do. As a survival mechanism, the adrenals will force the body to deposit fat around the organs –it’s just trying to survive and it thinks that it will not have food tomorrow.

Normally women body types should have some superficial fat around her body, especially in the lower part. But it’s not normal for her to lose her shape, legs and develop a big midsection unless the adrenals are overreacting to long-term stress and the change of life.

What can be done about a woman’s body type?

For starters, it is vital to prevent adrenals from doing this by getting them healthy well before age 52. The writing is on the wall, so learn from others. Menopause is a shift of hormones from ovary to adrenal. Do everything to support them now while you have a window of time. If you are already into menopause, then you need to support the adrenal through Dr. Berg’s Adrenal Body Type Kit. This kit addresses the weight produced by the adrenals.