The 4 Body Shapes

by Dr. Eric Berg DC


If you look around, most people fall into one of four different body shapes. One person’s weight might be in the stomach, while another will hold it in the lower body, like saddle bags. Others’ weight will be all over, or as a pot belly. Based on where a person’s weight is concentrated, one can predict the deeper problem because glands and hormones have the capacity to distort your body shape.

The adrenal body type will cause fat to accumulate as a sagging belly. This type will put the person into a stress state, making it difficult to relax or sleep restfully. They will be edgy and eventually develop memory problems. They crave salt and retain fluid because of this. They get sinus problems and even have knee pain because the adrenal hormones affect the muscles connecting to the knee.

The thyroid body shape is usually secondary to high levels of estrogen in the body. Estrogen spikes from a pregnancy can block the thyroid. But the thyroid body shape (weight all over evenly) will keep the person tired all the time with cold feet, craving sweets, and hair loss. They will notice vertical ridges on the nails and dry skin.

But the ovary body shape holds weight mainly in the thighs and lower belly. This type tends to have menstrual cycle issues from heavy bleeding to irregular periods, ovary cysts, and even fibroids. They get cyclic headaches and crave dairy.

Then, we have the liver body shape, which usually is seen with in men with a basketball type stomach – protruding outward compared to the adrenal, which is sagging. They have right shoulder pain because the liver is on the right side. They have skin issues like brown spots and little red dots. They crave fried foods – the worst thing they should be eating – and are grouchy in the morning because the blood sugars are the lowest.