Take the Body Type Quiz and Predict Your Body Shape

by Dr. Eric Berg DC


You may have filled out the weight loss calculator, which is present on nearly every weight loss site. You know … type in your height, weight and your goal weight, blah, blah, blah. This doesn’t tell you anything. The body type quiz is designed to isolate WHY you are not losing weight and help you target your body type. A quiz is only as good as its questions. Dr. Berg’s body type quiz was developed from years of asking the exact questions to find your exact body type.

Each body type has specific symptoms. For example, the adrenal body type will have a hard time getting to sleep, yet the liver type will have a hard time getting up in the morning. This is due to the ways that hormones affect your energy.

If the thyroid is involved, your weight will accumulate all over your body. Yet, if your adrenal glands are the issue, fat will be directed in your belly. Why? Because when it’s in a in stress state, your body will want to store fat around the most vital organs – which are in your midsection. If the ovary is the problem, then you’ll get saddle bags, because weight goes to the hips and thighs if the ovary is overproducing estrogen.

If you can understand your body and know which weak gland you have, you then can know the problems that will occur over time. Since the function of the adrenals is to regulate stress, over time your adrenals can lose their ability to control stress. How will this show in the body? Lower tolerance of stress, irritability, edgy and little things will really make you overreact. And since the adrenals suppress your immune system, a loss of adrenal control can cause immune reactions like allergies, itching and hives.

Dr. Berg’s simple body type quiz will help you understand the relationships between how you feel symptom-wise and what’s behind this as a source. Through targeting your body type and supporting its function, you can not only lose weight but reduced the associated problems with your specific body type.