What Body Type Are You?

by Dr. Eric Berg DC

Have you ever wondered what body type you are? Body type can give clues as to what is happening inside. The way you look, the location where you hold your weight tells us what is going on inside. If you know how to identify this through a short quiz, you can be a lot more successful in losing weight.

It’s sad to see the multitudes of people who attempt to lose weight using calorie counting or using some diet without first finding out what is wrong. Did you realize that most people do not have a weight problem. No, they have a weight symptom – the real problem is glands and hormones. Every year you age, hormones shift and your metabolism slows down.

What worked back when you were 20 will not work when you are in your late 40s. A smarter way would be to understand what body type you are and then find the correct plan to fix it. You have to realize that you are dealing with a much smaller amount of hormones, especially the ones that burn fat.

Your hormones peak at 18 years and from then on it’s all downhill. However, you can do something about this if you know how. Here’s a tip. The hormone called cortisol is activated by stress. It is the main aging hormone. So the goal is to keep it as low as possible. One way is to counter it by more sleep and changing your environment to a more peaceful one. Maybe you can visit the park more regularly or take some mini vacations.  You can’t keep pushing yourself full speed ahead year after year without activating the aging hormone. The trick is to rid yourself of the stress as you pick it up. Going on long walks each day will help.

The other hormone that would help the adrenal body type is to spike a hormone called Growth Hormone, the anti-aging hormone. This will help reduce the belly fat hormone called cortisol. There are three triggers of Growth Hormone. A small amount of lean protein is a trigger. Intense exercise is another but it has to be short, like 30 seconds or even 60 seconds resting and then repeating. The last thing that can increase Growth Hormone is sleep, because sleep activates it and allows you to burn fat.

If you are curious what body type are you, then take the quiz here and find out.

Dr. Berg’s simple body type quiz will help you understand the relationships between how you feel symptom-wise and what’s behind this as a source. Through targeting your body type and supporting its function, you can not only lose weight but reduced the associated problems with your specific body type.