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The Liver Body Type

Although this is most common in men, women have this type as well. Your predominant characteristic is a “pot belly” symptom. You have swelling in your abdomen which is due to accumulated toxins in your liver. This swelling may appear to be “fat”, but is actually toxic swelling which eventually will harden from pressure.


During the first stages of your body type, you experience weight gain and protrusion of the gut. Your legs stay thinner. Your body may start to develop right shoulder pain and you probably notice some back stiffness in the mornings. The Liver Type is known to crave deep fried foods like fried chicken because the liver cannot absorb any fats. You tend to stay up late at night and find yourself awake around 2:00AM. You are irritable in the mornings. As The Liver Type develops into the next stage, your cravings get worse and your appetite increases. You may find yourself living on a diet of nearly no vegetables because your cravings create your meals. There are a variety of specific symptoms which indicate which stage you are in. These will be provided in your complete Body Type Guide (provided free, once you start the weight loss program designed for you above). Some of these symptoms include skin irritation and chronic digestive problems. The whites of the eyes may become yellowish and bloodshot; blood pressure will get higher and cholesterol will raise to unhealthy levels.


Toxins, such as Alcohol or ‘junk food’ is one of the worst things for your body type. Soft Drinks can also have a toxic effect on your body because they are acidic. Additional triggers for The Liver Type are included in the Complete Liver Body Type Guide, which comes free when you start the solution program.


You need to remove the toxins and get healthy, before you can realize long term weight loss. Begin by taking Dr. Berg’s total body cleansing agent, Super Nutrients®. For optimum results, take your body type supplement with Super Nutrients®. The Liver Type Supplement is formulated to put the nutrition your body type needs into your body, in order to create optimum health.


How to Lose Weight:

The solution for this body type is done through a two phase approach: first is a detox phase formulated to naturally remove the toxins which are blocking key nutritional absorption, depleting energy reserves and increasing cravings, and second, is the fat burning phase which will help to naturally "turn on the body’s fat burning hormones". Each phase includes a four week kit consisting of custom-formulated, organic supplements, along with a complete body type guide and eating manual (providing ways to deal with your cravings, which foods to avoid, and the unlimited foods which will promote fat burning for your body type).

The goal of this program is to naturally get the body back to a healthy condition (on the inside first), and then optimize the body’s natural hormonal functions, to help it actually burn fat through use of customized nutrition, pro-biotics and sleep.

Results to Expect:

The stage of your body type determines your results at first, but this program is formulated and engineered to give EVERY body type the same results, regardless of what stage they are at!

During the first 4 weeks of your program (or your body type Detox Kit), many people may experience what seems to be a lot of weight loss. However, to be clear, this is NOT your goal during this phase. Most of the weight loss you may experience is attributed to reduced inflammation, water weight, or the depletion of toxins. As you start the Fat Burning Kit, which is what you begin the next 4 weeks (after your Detox kit is completed), you will notice your cravings are gone, your energy levels are naturally high and your sleep is much better - and of course, at this phase you will notice your clothes are looser because you are now burning excess fat! You will be burning fat at this stage, creating permanent weight loss for yourself and realize long-term health benefits because you are doing so through engaging your body’s natural hormone health functions. The most fat a human body can lose in one week is two pounds, so this is a great number to verify your progress.

Continue the fat burning stage as long as you’d like. Many people stay on the supplement formulas for years, which are also recommended, but not necessary if you follow a nutritional, sensible diet. Other results many testimonials have noted are the following:

  • Reduction of mid-section
  • Reduction of shoulder pain and back aches
  • No cravings for fried foods
  • No late night cravings for sweets
  • Nails that grow fast!
  • Greater energy, especially in the mornings
  • Reduced blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Less cellulite and more muscle definition
  • Reduction of little red dots on skin
  • Overall improvement of general well-being

What Body Type Are You?

Look around and you’ll notice that people’s bodies fall into four distinct shapes.

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Liver Body Type Video

Liver Body Type Symptoms

  • Potbelly (very little external fat, mostly fluid)
  • Brown spots on backs of hands and throughout body
  • Poor joints
  • Yellowness in whites of eyes (severe cases)
  • Bloodshot eyes in the morning
  • Eyelids itchy and swollen
  • Hives and itchiness
  • Skin problems
  • Little red dots on skin
  • Bloating after eating
  • Burping or belching after eating
  • Acid reflux
  • Constipation
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Decreased tolerance for fatty foods and refined grains
  • Cravings for fried foods and sour foods
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • Stiffness in lower back and upper back between the shoulder blades
  • Pain or tightness in right shoulder area
  • Liver roll of fat (just below the rib cage), seen mostly in women
  • Dull pressure and sensation of fullness just under right rib cage
  • Gallbladder problems
  • Headaches
  • Arthritis
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Varicose veins
  • Spider veins
  • Bad breath
  • Tongue coated with white film
  • Deep split down center of tongue
  • Early morning insomnia (wake up one to two hours before alarm)
  • Irritability and moodiness, especially in the morning
  • Foggy brain in the morning
  • Finger joints stiff, sore and swollen in the morning
  • Fingers clubbed, with whitened nail beds
  • Urine darker in morning, getting clearer during day
  • Light-colored bowel movements
  • Swelling in ankles
  • Overheating of body, especially hot feet at night (not hot flashes)

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  • Phase 1: Liver Body Type Detox Kit

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