Hormones Triggered by Anaerobic Exercise

Hormones Triggered by Anaerobic Exercise

The first one is growth hormone. Remember that this is the antiaging, fat-burning, lean-body-mass-producing hormone, which also helps prevent the breakdown of proteins—like your bones, muscles, hair, skin and nails. It is stimulated by intense exercise (anaerobic) only. This hormone works through the liver.

The second one is glucagon. This is the opposing hormone to insulin, which gives the cells fuel between meals and is also fat burning. It too works through the liver and is stimulated only by intense exercise.

The third one is testosterone. This hormone is made by the adrenal glands, testicles and even the ovaries. It is a fat-burning hormone in that it is involved in making muscle, as well as giving male characteristics and sex drive in males and females. It follows growth hormone—wherever growth hormone goes, so goes testosterone.

The fourth one is adrenaline. This is an adrenal hormone and is the main hormone to release fat energy from the fat cells. It is triggered by stress, such as intense exercise.

The above four hormones have something in common—they all work through the liver. In fact, all fat-burning hormones work through the liver. The better the liver works, the better these hormones work. This is why the Detox Phase is recommended first. It’s interesting that during this period the person is eating mostly vegetables and low amounts of protein, yet their hair, nails and skin are improving. That is because of the liver’s increased ability to process more growth hormone, which prevents the breakdown of protein in hair, nails, etc. Now this hormone can help manufacture body proteins more efficiently.

Growth hormone and glucagon are triggered not only by exercise but by consuming dietary protein; however, it has to be the correct amount, as excess protein can turn into fat. The weaker the liver, the less protein the person can handle. So if you fix the liver first, the person can tolerate more protein in the diet and thus get more stimulation of these two fatburning hormones.

Many people go on a high-protein diet and lose weight for two weeks, then the weight loss stops. This is mainly due to a weakened liver, which cannot break down protein efficiently. They might even show signs of protein deficiency, because the liver is blocking the absorption. The trick is to keep cortisol as low as possible yet at the same time keep the others as high as possible.

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