The Anaerobic Energy System

The Anaerobic Energy System

Higher intensity—shorter duration

Anaerobic means without oxygen. The anaerobic energy system produces energy without utilizing oxygen; its ONLY source of fuel during the time of exercise is sugar in the blood or stored sugar in the muscles and liver.

This system does NOT initially burn fat fuel during the time you are working out. However, it does stimulate fat-burning hormones 14 to 48 hours later. (The aerobic system burns fat during exercise.) The anaerobic system is used for quick high-intensity exercise and kicks in immediately during exercise when the supply of oxygen becomes inadequate for the activity. Anaerobic gets activated at a higher pulse rate, around 145 beats per minute or greater. It can even get activated with a slow pulse rate if the intensity is high enough.

Some examples of intense exercise that use the anaerobic energy system include running, fast jogging, fast treadmill, soccer, hockey, basketball, swing dancing, wrestling, weight training, sprinting and boxing. It can also include activities such as bike riding and swimming, if the activity is done intensely to the point where the necessary higher heart rate is achieved.

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