Calories and Muscle Mass

Calories and Muscle Mass

Calories are units of energy in food.

There is another “popular” idea that building more muscle mass (through anaerobic exercise) will cause the body to burn more calories.

This is absolutely true; however, what is the source of those calories being burned? Are they from sugar or fat?

Burning calories by building greater muscle mass does not automatically mean that they will come from fat calories. When dealing with weight loss we have to be more concerned with the type of calories being burned than with the quantity. When it comes to fat burning, the size of your muscles is insignificant. Look at a football player who has lots of muscle mass yet has lots of fat too. Having large muscles doesn’t automatically cause your body to burn more fat.

The most important point to know is that the fat-burning-hormone effect occurs 14 to 48 hours after exercising, BUT only if certain factors are present: adequate sleep, good nutrition, low sugar, low stress and healthy glands.

The following hidden barriers will prevent weight loss:

1. Sleeping less than 7 quality hours. Quality means having good deep sleep and feeling rejuvenated.

2. Not resting enough between exercise sessions.

3. Not resting long enough between the repetitions or intense bouts of exercise.

4. Exercising intensely for too long. Intense anaerobic exercise should be kept between 25 and 40 minutes, and even that should include within the workout a good amount of rest between bouts of exercise.

5. Consuming sugars, starches, juice, sports drinks or alcohol. Most protein bars have tons of sugar.

6. Having pain or inflammation.

7. Lots of stress.

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