Basic Principles of Exercise and Hormones

Basic Principles of Exercise and Hormones

There are two basic ways a person could exercise and many variations in between. You could keep the intensity low and exercise for a long time; you could also increase the intensity and exercise for very little time. Each action affects hormones differently.

From a hormone point of view, to create the maximum fat burning you would be better off exercising at high intensity for short time periods with lots of rest in between. This would cause the body to release growth hormone and glucagon, both fat burners. Intense exercise brings about more destruction to the body, influencing hormones to take repair energy from fat. So you are actually destroying the body in order to trigger these hormones to repair and regrow muscle tissue. What’s interesting to note is that fat-burning hormones do their work in the rest periods after, not during, exercise.

But here’s the problem.

If the person is already stressed and their adrenal glands are burnt out, intense exercise can overwhelm the body, creating more damage. This is because of the destructive actions of the hormone cortisol, which tears down muscle tissue, as compared to growth hormone, which builds muscle tissue.

So the Adrenal type’s only option is to do low-intensity exercise of longer duration, at least at first. This will cause less stress on the body and it won’t take nearly as long to recover. You will trigger some fat burning, but only after 20 to 30 minutes. Most people could even do this daily. However, I would recommend doing it every other day to begin and gradually increasing to daily if possible. This type of exercise is a great way to counter body stress.

Stress in general is regulated by the adrenals. You might have heard about “fight or flight.” Well, this is the adrenals’ way of reacting to stress. The main hormone triggered is adrenaline; this releases large amounts of stored sugar for quick energy, since the body doesn’t have time to burn fat, as it’s just too slow. The weaker the adrenals are when going into this program, the less stress you want to experience. Hard-core, intense-type exercise will only irritate the adrenals and release more sugar, not fat. Slow, gentle endurance-type exercise will ease this stress and allow the body to burn more fat and less sugar over time. The goal is to exercise appropriately so as to trigger fat burning and avoid excess stress and sugar burning. Based on the Body Type Quiz, you will discover what to do first. Those people who have adrenal weakness should start with the low-intensity and then gradually add the higher-intensity exercise.

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