Ovary Body Type Exercise Plan

Ovary Body Type Exercise Plan

Use Aerobic and Anaerobic

If you have an Ovary body type, you need to combine BOTH aerobic and anaerobic exercise. You should do this by exercising every day with anaerobic and either every other day or even daily with aerobic.

The type of fat the Ovary body type has is a superficial cellulite. It is mostly below the bellybutton. So the best type of exercise is lower body—walking, running, treadmill, soccer, basketball, jazz dancing, step aerobics, etc. Focus on working the muscles of the hips, thighs and buttocks. Force these muscles to use energy from the surrounding fat layer. The key with the Ovary body type is intensity, really ripping those muscles hard core. This body type needs the most intensity.

Keeping estrogen low is also essential to getting the weight off. This means consuming foods that are antiestrogenic—cruciferous vegetables. It also means avoiding growth hormones (mostly estrogen) in the food supply. I would recommend avoiding soy as well, since soy has plant estrogenic qualities.


Fat is potential energy. Fat has enough potential energy to allow a lean person to run 800 miles or last 90 days without food. But most people, with the exception of long-distance runners, never learn how to tap into this amazing potential. Have you ever noticed that long-distance runners are very thin? This is because they normally remain in the aerobic mode when they run and therefore burn fat as their primary fuel.

Some people (especially Adrenal body types) are initially too unhealthy and fatigued to exercise. If this is the case, we recommend restoring your body’s health through correct foods and quality sleep before even starting an exercise program.

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