Liver and Thyroid Body Type Exercise Plan

Liver and Thyroid Body Type Exercise Plan

Use Anaerobic Only

The fat-burning hormones are stimulated by intense exercise. Anaerobic exercise is intense. The more intense it is, the greater the triggering of fat-burning hormones.

The Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise

Even though this system uses primarily sugar as fuel during exercise (NOT fat), it can help stimulate fat burning because of the fat-burning hormone effects 14 to 48 hours later. It is delayed. But here’s the catch— this only occurs if sugar intake and overall stress are low enough and sleep quality and quantity are sufficient. Many people have wasted tremendous amounts of time and energy with very little result simply by not knowing the above facts. They either attempt to use exercise for the wrong body type or self-sabotage by countering the exercise with nullifiers. If you have an Adrenal body type and do intense or high-pulse-rate exercise, you will not usually lose weight.

Another benefit of anaerobic exercise is the triggering of growth hormone. More growth hormone means deeper sleep. Many people get a better quality sleep with anaerobic exercise, as long as they don’t work out just before bed.

Growth hormone is the anti-aging hormone, and through anaerobic exercise one can keep this hormone within an optimal range. Testosterone also follows growth hormone, which enhances lean muscle mass. Overall, one will burn more fat with anaerobic exercise, but remember there is a day or two delay.

Caution about Anaerobic Exercise

With high-intensity exercise also comes stress. Any stress triggers the hormone cortisol, which can counter the fat-burning hormones. The trick is to exercise intensely enough to trigger fat-burning hormones, yet at the same time keep cortisol (fat-making hormone) low. You accomplish this by SHORT INTENSE BOUTS OF EXERCISE with LOTS OF REST IN BETWEEN. This way the muscles will be activated without stressing the adrenals too much. Overtraining will defeat the entire goal. Once you activate the fat-burning hormones, you can sit back and let them do their job. Make sure you are getting enough rest between exercise periods as well as keeping any and all sugars nil. These are small but important points.

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