Adrenal Body Type Exercise Plan: Aerobic Exercise Routine

Adrenal Body Type Exercise Plan: Aerobic Exercise Routine

Aerobic Exercise Routine

1. Keep the intensity low. Keep it light enough so you can breathe comfortably.

2. Start with 15 minutes per day and work up to 60 minutes per day. (Some people will find they can do more than 60 minutes, but the exercise period should be no longer than 120 minutes per day.) Over time you will get used to this and your body will plateau. When that happens, you could add in the anaerobic exercise.

3. Exercise every other day at first with rest in between. After two months, you could progress to daily.

4. Make sure you only snack on cheese, raw nuts, vegetables or apples before, during and after workouts.

5. If your body is sore, wait until the soreness goes away before working out again. It is important that your body heal between sessions, as this means your fat-burning hormones are also working.

With Adrenal body types, you have to grow back the muscle you have lost from overactive adrenal glands. Since muscle weighs more than fat, you might not initially lose weight but should feel your clothes getting looser.

The weight starts dropping two to three months later in some cases. A gradual progression is best. In the beginning you might not start burning fat because you are working out less than 30 minutes. But it’s recommended that you do this, especially if you are not used to it.

If you keep working out for 30 minutes aerobically, you will never burn fat, since fat burning only starts after 30 minutes. It is also recommended that you don’t exercise over an hour, since this can stress the adrenals even more. Exercising up to an hour is a safe bet. Once the adrenals are strong, which could take 8 to 12 weeks, you could then add in the anaerobic exercise.

Examples of Aerobic Time

Walking 60 min.

Light jogging 30 min.

Biking 60 min.

Treadmill 60 min.

Elliptical machine 60 min.

Swimming 60 min.

Yoga 60 min.

At this point in the program your body will have enough strength to stay in the aerobic mode, and a combination of both types—aerobic and anaerobic—will keep you from adapting to just one form of exercise. As a person gets used to an exercise and it is no longer difficult, fat-burning hormones will cease to be stimulated; so you need to continue varying it and using different muscles, making it more difficult over time.

Don’t Stop Before You Start Burning Fat

Based on surveys of people who could not lose weight with exercise, besides those who were mixing anaerobic with aerobic exercise there were many who used only aerobic exercise but they did not do it long enough to tap into the fat reserves. In order to get the real benefits of the aerobic energy system, you must exercise long enough—60 minutes. If you do this, the results will be great.

History of Long-Term Sugar Consumption

If a person has regularly consumed a lot of sugar for some time, it could take even longer to begin burning fat. Even if they were to exercise aerobically, it might take 40 to 50 minutes or more instead of 20 to 30 minutes to start burning fat. This is because their body’s sugar reserves have adapted to a larger reserve storage system. You simply need to eliminate sugars completely, and over a few months the body will adapt back to normal sugar supply levels.

Once your body heals, you will be able to add further anaerobic exercise to your program. Anaerobic exercise actually burns more fat than aerobic, but 14 to 48 hours later; yet if your body is in stress mode, it can only tolerate aerobic exercise at first. Using both systems correctly would be the most optimum.

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