Adrenal Body Type Exercise Plan

Adrenal Body Type Exercise Plan

Use Aerobic

If the stress gland is stressed, you want to avoid intense exercise. To improve the stress gland, the correct exercise is calming and less stressful. This type of exercise will burn fat mostly during and slightly after the exercise.

The Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

The main benefit of light endurance-type exercise is that it is very gentle on the adrenals and will keep stress hormones to a minimum. However, aerobic exercise doesn’t burn fat 14 to 48 hours after exercise like the anaerobic system does.

The problem with anaerobic exercise is that it can stress the adrenals more than aerobic exercise. More intense exercise and exercise that generates a higher pulse rate triggers the stress part of the nervous system—the “sympathetic nervous system”—which monitors the body’s fight-or-flight response. As soon as the body goes into this mode, the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline kick in. If the adrenals are already overwhelmed, cortisol can become excessive for longer periods of time. This will prevent deep sleep and keep the person in a state of nervous anxiety. Cortisol is also the hormone that produces weight gain in the midsection.

Another positive aspect worth mentioning about the aerobic energy system is that its waste products (carbon dioxide and water) are harmless compared to the waste product from anaerobic exercise (lactic acid). Its only drawback, if you looked hard to find one, is it requires time (at least 20 to 30 minutes of slow exercise with the heart rate between 127 and 130 beats per minute) for the body to even begin to burn fat.

Working Harder Will Initially Slow Your Progress

Many people think that to melt a lot of dense fat you need a tremendous amount of intense, hard exercise. This is not true. You can burn fat using only light exercise with little effort. You burn fat while you’re barely breathing!

In nearly every patient seminar, I’ve found that the majority of people who are not losing weight with exercise are mixing weight training into their programs. This is a big mistake if they have an adrenal weakness! Weight training is anaerobic and worsens the adrenal glands.

The goal in following this program is to get your body to burn only fat, not sugar. The anaerobic system is working to a small degree during aerobic exercise. The anaerobic system at 30 minutes really shuts down. This is where most people stop exercising—the exact point where the fat burning really begins. If you continue to exercise after the 30-minute point, fat begins to be the predominant fuel; there is great efficiency from this point forward when continuing with aerobic exercise.

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