Phase 1: Detox

Detoxification: The removal of poisons or toxins from the body.

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Everyone should start with the Detox Phase, regardless of specific body type. This Detox Phase will quickly get your body into fat burning mode.

Medications of all kinds have side effects on the glands, especially the liver. Diuretics deplete minerals, which can affect the adrenal glands. Antibiotics kill your friendly bacteria, putting stress on your liver because of stress on digestion. Hormone-replacement hormones, birth control pills, Prednisone, etc, these chemicals and others can be big barriers to losing weight.

The liver is the main organ that is supposed to eliminate these toxic chemicals. It does this in two phases. In the first phase the liver tries to neutralize toxins that have built up in your body. In the second phase it will try to convert these neutralized toxins into less harmful particles, which can be eliminated through the urine and bowel. Your own excess hormones are also either deactivated or recycled within your liver.

Everyone should start with the Detox phase, regardless of specific body type

detox phase This Phase 1 eating plan will quickly get your body into fat burning mode. It is known that eating only protein and fat puts someone in ketosis (fat burning). Purchase some ketone strips at the drugstore and check it out for yourself.
All six fat-burning hormones do their work through the liver. In fact, 80 percent of your thyroid function occurs through the liver.

Here's how the plan works...

General Overview of the Detox Phase

detox diet overview This short program is not so much a detoxification/cleansing process as it is a healing process to restore liver function. A healthy liver can greatly enhance weight loss.

The bulk of the foods should be raw nutrient-dense, high-fiber vegetables, minus sugars, refined foods, refined fats (trans fats), and starchy foods like potatoes ...more

Recommended Foods for Body Detox Phase: Vegetables

body detox foods - vegetables Eat as many cruciferous vegetables as possible because of their great ability to improve the liver. The liver is the central hub for all fat-burning hormones.
You can eat the vegetables listed below in unlimited quantities. Other vegetables not listed are also okay ...more

Recommended Foods For Body Detox Phase: Dairy

body detox foods - dairy You can include a small amount (6 oz per day) of low-fat cottage cheese or plain low-fat yogurt within this plan; a little butter is okay too. Every other day you could also eat some low-fat cheese (no more than 3 oz per day), and a small quantity of feta cheese can be sprinkled on your salad as well ...more

Recommended Foods For Body Detox Phase: Fruits

body detox foods - fruit Fruits should mostly be eaten at night, with the exception of apples, which can be eaten anytime and in as much quantity as you desire. The reason for eating fruits in the later part of the day has to do with how fast they break down and turn into sugar ...more

Recommended Foods For Body Detox Phase: Animal Proteins

body detox foods - meat Since fat readily satisfies hunger and this program is low in fat, in order to avoid hunger you need to compensate by eating more food more frequently. The most important action is to eat enough food to keep your calories up, as low calories will add stress and more weight gain ...more

Recommended Foods for Body Detox Phase: Raw Nuts and Seeds

body detox foods - nuts and seeds You'll need to eat an ample amount of raw nuts and seeds between meals to prevent hunger. Raw almonds and walnuts are best. Hummus (chickpeas) is another possibility ...more

A Few Guidelines for the Detox Phase

body detox advice This Detox Phase can be done every other month to keep the liver in top shape. Some people continue the Detox Phase for months until they start craving protein, at which point they introduce an adequate amount to turn off the craving ...more

What to Expect From the Detox Phase

body detox facts At the end of the two-week detox phase, you should notice that your cravings are gone, your bowel movements should be improved, your energy should be up, and you should be losing weight and/or inches. Just about everyone will experience improved energy, better sleep, fewer cravings, and improvements in hair, nails, skin and sex drive because of the liver's enhanced ability to utilize hormones. ...more

What to Do After the Two Week Detox Phase

body detox duration At the end of 14 days, you have to make a decision whether to stay on this program longer or start adding some protein. If the liver has been in bad shape, it will take some time to bring it back. Don't expect the liver to regenerate in two weeks; this is just the beginning. Some people do the Detox Phase every two months. Some people stay on it an additional one to three weeks and others continue for several months, while some are ready to come off it after 14 days, as they are craving a steak. Your body will let you know when it needs more protein. ...more

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